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For over 10 years, our school and teachers have been leaders in dance education.  We believe that our success comes as a result of providing superior training by professionals in the dance industry. By joining the PDC Competition Team, you can be assured that you will receive quality training at our facility.  And our Teams have consistently won titles at those competitions including Top Overall Awards, Critic’s Choice, 1st Overall…just to name a few!

Why should you choose planet dance?

*Highest Quality Choreographers

We seek out only the highest quality choreographers to set pieces on our students - bringing NY, LA and more right here to the Cincinnati area. Our instructors & choreographers are leaders in the dance industry - having worked on Broadway, with the NYC Ballet, with Beyonce, in made-for-tv musicals such as The Wiz and Dirty Dancing, and much more!

*Focus on Education

Students learn a new combination in every single class - they are not simply rehearsing competition dances all year. This makes our students more well-rounded dancers, and enables them to easily transition into professional dance careers, if they choose that path.

*Quality Competitions & Conventions

We only attend high-end, nationally recognized conventions & competitions - where our teams have consistently won titles such as Top Overall, Critic's Choice, 1st Overall and many more! 

*Performance Opportunities

In addition to competing, we also focus on opportunities for our students to perform live at public venues. You may have seen them at Washington Park, the Cincinnati Zoo, the Flying Pig and several other places throughout the city!